Wedding Tote Bags and Other Ideas

Wedding loot bags are now a trend during wedding parties. Attendees of the wedding are looking for something they can bring home with them after the party, whether it be food or display items or items for personal use.

If there is enough budget, you can get clear plastic boxes to store your gift. Visit online stores which can customize bags according to your theme. Look for a bag in pale colors if you cannot find a plain white one. Ribbons that were used to tie the flowers of the bridesmaids are good enough to be used as ribbons for the loot bags as well. The bag must be durable enough to carry items that are a bit heavy. Guests are easily attracted by the colors of the bag but once they see that the bag is reusable as well, they’ll appreciate it more. Attending guests at a wedding can be segregated according to age group or status, you may consider this when buying favors for them.

You may want to buy the giirls a set of beauty products and samplers you get from malls while trying or buying their products. For men you can get them lighters or keychains which are useful for them. Guests will appreciate any gift you give so don’t worry if you can’t find anything you think you like.

Since you have a themed wedding, guests will most likely expect your gifts to be connected to your theme. You can grab any gift just as long as you can still connect it with the theme. You can give coffee gift certificates if you are having a breakfast wedding.

They will surely understand whatever you give them, what’s important is you remembered to give them something in return for their presence. The bride and groom can choose to give a picture frame with the place they ought to visit after their wedding. You’ve been very busy with the preparation but you still found time to make sure your guests receive something on your wedding day, that’s what’s important.

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