Wedding Reception Food That Takes the Cake

There are so many food choices to pick from for your wedding reception that it is almost impossible to decide. Try thinking about it in terms of the style of wedding you have to limit those choices and make it easier on either your budget or your brain. Here are five styles or types of food offerings that may help.

Finger Food
One of the best ways to save money on your wedding planning budget is the food that you serve at your wedding. Finger food is such a popular item that more people are serving it with or without a main course and desert. Small, almost bite-sized sandwiches are great if you go with spreads. Chicken salads, pimento cheese, and even deviled ham are choices that bring your guests to the table more than once. If you include dipping vegetables like celery, carrots, and cucumbers, you are sure to please everyone. Ranch is a very popular dip, but go extravagant and serve up cheese dips and salsas to make sure your light food affair is a hit.

Everyone loves a buffet! These serve your self, all you can eat, get the hell out of my way table lined layouts are just too hard to resist. I personally have been known to knock a few people down to get to a good buffet spread. These types of offerings are especially effective if you include plenty of vegetables that most people do not see on a regular basis. Veggies that are in season like squash and zucchini can be had at a great price and will ensure your guests leave full and talking about your reception all the way home.

Family Affair
The least expensive and most varied kind of reception buffet that you can have is a family affair where everyone brings a dish with him or her for the other guest to enjoy. Almost every family has members that love to cook and are particularly good at whipping up a signature dish everyone looks forward to. My own Aunt Minnie could make a blackberry jam that should have had a label on it. It would have undoubtedly knocked everything else off the shelf, including strawberry. When you have your family come together to provide the food, it just tastes better.

The Casual
There are people who are passionate about their hobbies and are not afraid to flaunt it. I have always admired these folks as they seem to know what it takes to have fun and they enjoy sharing it. Their enthusiasm alone is enough to make you want to join in. A wedding at a bowling alley or skating rink catered by the establishment’s concessions is a treat that most people would saver no matter what their standing and status in life. Give me nachos or give me death.

The Feast
If money is no option and you want your guests to have the best, there are plenty of caterers out there that are willing to oblige. Serving a five-course meal to violin is great if that is your thing. Cuisine from around the world is something that everyone is curious to sample and that includes the children. While I feel out of place and far from my element eating food that has to have a particular kind of wine with it, no big deal. Just show me which fork to use and watch me take my time. Top this off with coffee and tea wedding favors or even chocolate wedding favors and I will remember what a good time I had every time I take a sip or bite.

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