My Wedding Video – What is Your Vision?

I often ask the bride and groom what their vision is for their wedding video. And most, cannot describe what they are interested in. They cannot describe the details of what would be a great video for them and, therefore, meet their expectations and cause them to tell others that they have a truly memorable wedding video. So let’s explore how to frame up and tell a videographer what you are really after.

I don’t mean planning out every little detail of the 30 minute or 60 minute video. Not at all! However, you will need to match the style, length, and special effects to your budget. Here are a few ideas to consider when setting your vision for your wedding video.

First, consider the style of your video – documentary or highlights. A documentary style wedding video captures each activity of the day, whether this includes short clips of photo sessions, shots of the building (inside and outside), decorations and arrangements, people arriving, all ceremony activities, reception line, limo scenes, and activities at the reception. This format allows the editor to portray the event and all scenes from start to finish. This format is generally the longest video as it plays out the entire event. This video can be straightforward and simplistic in how it is presented or special effects may be added to “”spice”” up the visual images. This is the most common or traditional wedding video and least time consuming to create, and therefore, the least impact on your budget.

A highlight video is a shorter video, is quicker moving format, showing short clips of each of the day’s activities. This is more like a music video and the audio from the actual recording is replaced/augmented with background music and special effects are used extensively. Depending on your vision, the videography may require more of your time and may play more of a director role in each shot. Since this is a shorter format of the day, it is useful to share across the web, play in a photo frame, or just have on your computer to play anytime you wish. The highlight video requires more time, more creativity and as a result carries a larger budget requirement.

Many Brides and grooms will request both styles for their use. This gives them a video that contains everything in its full form, simple, basic and very appealing. The highlight video gives a shorter presentation with that music video flair. The DVD may also contain a section that you can playback the photos that your photographer took, and the photo montage that was played at your reception. With DVD technology, multiple videos can be placed on the same DVD with easy access to play any or all.

A second consideration includes the type and amount of special effects used throughout either of the video styles. Special effects include transitions from one scene to another, color backgrounds, graphic overlays, motion elements, matting, slow motion, color changes and layering of multiple camera angles. Brides and grooms will generally look for a 1.) very clean, straight forward flow and style for their video with simple to basic transitions between scenes, a few layering effects to show multiple camera angles; or 2.) increased visual effects. Increasing any of the special effects requires increased amount of editing time, machine time and testing time for the videographer; so be prepared for an increased budget to match the increased production time.

Finally, the video is created but the DVD menu theme has not been created nor have the navigation buttons for the menu. Do you want to just insert your DVD and have the wedding activities start to play before your eyes. Or do you want a specific wedding theme (colors, images, button style for your scene selection menu). These menus allow you to play the entire video from start to finish or you may choose to start with that special song the groom sang to you as you cried with tears of joy. Most videographers have ideas for menu creation once they have created the wedding video, however, it would be good to have your vision for this important part of DVD design.

Style, special effects, DVD design should be part of your wedding video vision. The clearer your vision, the better chance you have to realizing a truly memorable wedding video that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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