A fun advertisement found on google images. My idea of paradise differs — significantly 🙂

The word domestic used to make me cringe.

I used to feel it was restricting me, and who I could be.  I think maybe that is what you get for growing up in a small town — but over the years, as we have grown our family — being domestic has become a part of me.  I always joke that i’m an un-homemaker homemaker! These things do not come naturally to me!

being covered in craft projects — that’s in my comfort zone.
having my desk covered in notebooks I’ve been writing in — yep that is me too.

Planning a dinner party, PTA anything, or meal planning — not so much in my comfort zone.

But the reality is — more than any comfort zone scares me — i love my family more. And developing strategies, skills, and organization that helps our household move smoother — means more time with them. stress free. okay who am I kidding. I have three kids, it’s not stress free but it’s a whole lot more manageable!

I am excited to share some things that have worked for us over the years, try some of the awesome #lifehacks i’ve been reading about (hello pinterest, hello instant pot!), and hear from you about what works in your family!

Please tell me there are other un-domestic homemakers out there who really are faking it until we make it — or something like that! haha!

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Stay Tuned.


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